An Appeal to All Missions Mobilizers

One of the most amazing and motivating testimonials is the prayer life of J.O Fraser, missionary to the Lisu tribe of Southeast China.

As Fraser labored unsuccessfully he eventually came to recognize the inescapable necessity of mobilizing a sustained prayer effort for the breakthroughs needed among the Lisu. As prayer mobilization brought about lasting life change to the Lisu, Fraser came to this conclusion:

“I used to think that prayer should have the first place and teaching the second. I now feel it would be truer to give prayer the first, second, and third places, and teaching the fourth”.

What a powerful testimony for the priority of prayer mobilization! Yet, in thirty years of serving as a mission mobilizer, my overall impression is that prayer — and more importantly, prayer mobilization — has yet to become our first priority.

Fraser went on to say:

“We are not dealing with an enemy that fires at the head only—that keeps the mind only in ignorance—but with an enemy who uses poison gas attacks which wrap the people round with deadly effect, and yet are impalpable, elusive. What would you think of the folly of the soldier who fired a gun into the gas, to kill it or drive it back? Nor would it be of any more avail to teach or preach to the Lisu here, while they are held back by these invisible forces. Poisonous gas cannot be dispersed, I suppose, in any other way than by the wind springing up and dispersing it. Man is powerless.

As in the case of the Lisu, the American Church walks in a similar blindness; a blindness caused by an enemy, who, out of desperation for his own perservation, hinders God’s people from understanding and embracing His call to world evangelization. Therefore, the Mission America Coalition strongly invites all churches, agencies, mobilizers and every individual given to intercession, to provide more insights into how and what we can do together to strengthen this critical step forward in a collective pursuit for a mission-awakened Church.

Dave Imboden
Mission America Coalition Global Ministries